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Northern Diver introduce the Classic Frameless Dive Mask



A vintage design diving mask with a wide-open single lens and soft silicone skirt, the build of the new, classic frameless mask means that it sits closer to your face and eyes.

This, plus the square shape, opens up your field of view to better see the underwater world. It also reduces volume which makes your mask easier to clear; and it is light, compact and comfortable. The lenses are made of tempered glass, guaranteed safety and durability with a resistance to breaks, scratches and scuffs.

The soft silicone skirt uses a double-seal system for a comfortable, durable, leak-proof fit that creates a great all-round secure fit against the skin. With no frame the masks buckles attach directly to the skirt which gives the user much more flexibility meaning you have a better range of motion and also allows the mask to be folded quite flat – great for traveling, storing in your BCD or drysuit pocket!

A frameless mask is not a new invention, it is one of the original designs of a dive mask and some say still the best today. The iconic single lens rectangular shape improves a diver’s peripheral vision as well as direct view. The traditional mask strap design offers a soft silicone grip and the wide stretch band is sure to spread the load on the back of the head and secure firmly in place. The push-button buckles are easy to use and allow for quick adjustments.

For more information about Northern Diver products visit their website by clicking here.

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TUSA Sport Black Series Full-Face Mask now available



Introducing the TUSA Sport UM-8001 Full-Face Mask

Goodbye jaw discomfort (no uncomfortable mouthpiece to bite onto). Goodbye difficult breathing and goodbye water in your snorkel thanks to our dry snorkel. For good. Huge field of vision and no more fogging thanks to TUSA’s patented and independently tested air circulation technology.

FULL VISUAL on the underwater world – TUSA Sport Full-Face Snorkeling mask will revolutionize your snorkeling experience. You will be able to observe everything that happens around you underwater with a 180° panoramic view.


Goodbye jaw discomfort, goodbye difficult breathing and goodbye water in your snorkel. For good. With TUSA Sport Full-Face Snorkeling Mask  you breathe through your nose, while the dry top prevents water from getting in the snorkel. Now your mouth is free to say: WOW!


TUSA Sport Full-Face Snorkeling Mask has the largest field of vision of any mask out there.


Goodbye defoggers, hassles and lost opportunities to see the fish of a lifetime. TUSA Sport Full-Face Snorkeling Mask’s breathing circulation inside the mask’s frame guarantees no fogging and no extra stress. Just take it out and jump in.


No more water getting in your snorkel, you don’t have to clear it if you go underwater, and no water gets in if there’s surf, splash or such. Just breathe comfortably and enjoy the ride.

For more information about how to purchase in the UK click here.

For more information about worldwide availability click here.

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Fourth Element release new freediving suit



For 20 years fourth element have been pioneers of underwater thermal protection, experience they now bring to freediving.

Designed for recreational freediving, their new RF collection uses a optimum combination of Glideskin, Smoothskin and lined neoprene to maximise your freedom in the water, allowing you to focus on your breath, visualise and reach your limit.

The 3/2mm RF1 suit is easy to don, yet effectively sealed by Smoothskin seals at the wrists, ankles and neck. A ‘black-out’ zipper and robust inner linings ensure that this suit is more versatile than open cell suits, but water ingress is minimised keeping you warmer for longer.

Glideskin panels over the shoulders and along the legs give excellent stretch, improving fit and hydrodynamics, while subtle knee protection and more durable linings elsewhere ensure that this suit is practical for freediving in many environments.

The RF1 suit can be combined with the new RF vest to enhance thermal protection. This creates 6mm on the critical torso area and 3mm protection for the head, keeping suit flush to a minimum without adding restrictive bulk.

Discover the Recreational Freediving collection HERE

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